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[Voice Mail]

"You've reached Donatello; I'm not in right now, but if you leave a message at the tone, I'll call you back as soon as I can.

If this is Mr. Sweeney, I am not playing hard to get. Please stop calling me!"



[Room 412, Tuesday Evening]

Donnie had a book, a bag of chips, and a bottle of soda. He was sitting against the headboard of his bed and reading assiduously, door open to catch some of the sounds of the dorms so it wouldn't be so quiet.

This was in hopes that if he kept himself occupied, he wouldn't be tempted to read the copy of the new Barry Plodder book that he'd downloaded.

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[Room 412, Tuesday Evening]

Donatello was already done with his classes for the week and he felt like he'd barely even started. Potpourri had been a little odd, but after the Jerries no one seemed all that bizarre, and Mad Scientist class had shown that it wasn't going to be terribly uptight, at least.

He'd also taken Mikey to his first How To Be A Superhero class on Monday and now was giving his little brother some pieces of fruit and lettuce, which the little turtle was eating only grudgingly. "You know you need more than just pizza, Mikey. Especially now." The little turtle hissed, but took another piece of apple anyway. Donnie sighed.

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[Room 412, Monday Night]

Donatello had spent a little time down at the picnic, then retreated back to his room when a thought had hit him. He'd now spent a couple hours reading police reports in New York, wondering if Raph would do something so dumb as get himself spotted or captured or something like that -- maybe that's why he'd been away so long. He had said he'd come back, and if anything else, Raph wouldn't abandon them, not if it meant doing like Leo, whose name he couldn't practically even mention without spitting.

Mikey was giving his all in attempting to scoot himself off the edge of Donnie's desk though, which was simultaneously distracting and cheering. Donnie smiled as he caught his brother yet again and set him on the wooden surface gently.

If he didn't find anything in his search though, he'd just call Splinter. It might get Raphael in trouble, but at least he could be sure then where his brother was.

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[Room 412, Friday Afternoon]

Raphael had taken off back to New York. Michelangelo was a tiny turtle. And Donnie had a feeling Raph wasn't going to be terribly happy with him once he got back from New York and wanted to know a) about the world saving trip, and b) who'd signed him up for which classes.

Not that Donnie was looking at classes he knew Raph was going to hate, no. Cooking was supposed to be very therapeutic for some people. Same with flying. Ethics was a bit more of a stretch, but Don figured he could reason it out if he had to.

For now, he was listening to music and putting together more pieces of computer in a way that was very very close to completely overflowing his desk. What? He totally needed three monitors and two different computers.

He might even be able to fit a RAID under his bed, if he felt ambitious.

Mikey, for his part, was scooting around on Donnie's bed and occasionally scooting himself off of it to land on the wooden floor. Since he seemed to be enjoying himself, Donnie was all too happy not to have to put him in a tank, though he would have to be careful or Mikey would scoot his way out of the open door.

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[Room 407, Wednesday Afternoon]

Donatello had to check on Mikey. He'd heard mention of him on Monday's radio (duh, Mikey is a turtle, radio-guy, that's not at all surprising), but nothing since, and though he hadn't heard from Raph either, he knew Raphael was much more likely to not thank him for butting in and checking up on him. Really, Donnie just felt weird not talking to them every day, like he was used to, and wondered if Mike didn't feel the same way.

Walking down the hall, he knocked at the door of 407, managing to hold himself to an air of concern rather than flat out worry as he waited.

Wherein there is a worried turtle and a laid back skater dude (not a turtle).Collapse )

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[Room 412, Saturday Morning]

Donnie had finished up the last tweaks on the flashlights and stowed it all away in a beat-up canvas duffel, leaving him with nothing to do until he went off to meet up with Valentine and the rest. Off to save a world from shadows.

And... Okay, he knew that it was against what Splinter wanted; they weren't supposed to interfere with humans, the world above the sewers. But. Well. He was a ninja. He'd been trained for a reason, right? And as much as he told Mikey to forget about it, to leave their exploits in the past where they belonged... He missed it. He shouldn't and he didn't try to think about it, but he did anyway - he missed doing what they were meant to, and sometimes, even though Master Splinter expressly forbid it, he still wanted to enough to disobey.

In any case, no matter how he felt about it, he didn't want to get his brothers in trouble. So, after a moment's thought, he set up a document on his computer desktop, describing where he was going and what he was up to. Raph or Mikey could access it if they needed to, but hopefully he'd be back before they even thought to look for him.

...Or he'd be dead. But a world needed saving, right? That was the important thing.

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[Room 412, Friday Late Morning]

After his conversation with Valentine earlier in the day, Donnie made a quick run down into town to find some flashlights and a couple other odds and ends.

When he returned to his room, he checked his messages and was rather confused. In an attempt to straighten things out, he returned the first and then the second.

Settling down at his desk with his tools, he opened the door so he could work on modifying the flashlights.


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[Room 412, Wednesday Afternoon]

After receiving a handwavey message from Jaina to postpone their pizza trip, Donnie had gone for a walk outside so he didn't bother his sick roommate, whom he still hadn't exchanged more than a couple slurred and sleepy words with.

He had to come back sometime though, so Donnie slipped back into the room and headed for his marginally cleaner side of the room (he hadn't wanted to disturb the roomie with any housework, either) to unpack the bits of his computer that had finally come through the post and set them up at the small desk.

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[Room 412, Tuesday Afternoon]

Donnie had moved back up to the dorms on Monday and found his roommate, Marco, already there and apparently sleeping off the flu. He was still sleeping, in fact, when Donatello had to leave for class on Tuesday.

He filled a glass of water and put it on the nightstand next to his roommate's bed (carefully pushing candy wrappers and other mess off the top of it first), in case he got thirsty, then slipped out the door.

His bo was leaning against the wall by Donnie's bed. Marco was sleeping very very soundly.

[OOC: Marco won't wake up, but your character can certainly notice him and think he might! Marco also modded with permission, natch.]